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ANN | Suenos | PoS | Service Oriented Currency

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:27 am
by SuenosCoin
Suenos - DREAMS

A dream is a succession of images and Ideas that usually occur "involuntarily" in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Exactly, We are here to help you achieve those Images and Ideas "voluntarily" by providing you with the best in class web-hosting and vpn Service.

What is Suenos Coin

We are a service oriented digital currency and will provide you with the "Cheapest Web Hosting and VPN services". Suenos Coin will pave the way for quick and easy access to our VPN services with over 48+ countries with the cheapest rates possible and with the easiest user interface. Suenos Coin will also provides a variety of "Cheap" high end Web hosting Services which will be further explained. We aim to provide you with the best services and user experience from our end. We are also looking forward to extending our Digital Services really soon so be in the look out.

Our Vision

It is simply to provide the best and easy to use services which are also cheap in price. Our services will be highly efficient . We also are aiming at providing you with flexible contracts on services that we provide .We want to expand our services in the near future and have more digital services availble at your dispersal.

Our Web-Hosting/Email Services

Suenos Coin will provide the Cheapest Web Hosting plans with Unlimited Email Accs. We will offer versatile plans for your web hosting needs, you can share your web hosting with your friends or host 2 websites (or unlimited websites depending upon the plan) within the same hosting plans. No one wants to have their private information bought and sold to companies only to be added to yet another marketing list so that they receive even more SPAM emails than they already have to deal with. So what are you waiting for Avail invest and prepare to avail these services.

Our VPN Service

Suenos Coin will have approximately 100 servers that will be located in 48 different countries worldwide. The United States of America will be the country with the largest share of VPN servers at 16% of the total VPN servers. It will then followed by the United Kingdom with 7% of the total number of servers. Italy will have 4% of the total servers. On top of that, countries such as Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland have 3% servers each. So these 6 countries will comprise 18% of the total number of servers. The rest of the VPN servers will be located in other countries.

Join us

Have same goals as us?
Join discord and contact us, share you vision to join our team and help us make blockchain a better world. We offer a very friendly environment and are looking for teammates with skill such as: community managment, content writer, moderator, graphic editor and devs.

Coin name: Suenos Coin
Ticker: SUE
Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: POS
Block Time= 30 secs
No Mining reward as it is pure PoS
POS: 36.5% annually
Max money: 200 million
Premine: 20 million - Presale
RPC Port: 25732
P2P Port: 25731

Wallet: ... ag/
Instagram: ... 9iy4x9kj0b
Logo PNG: