[ANN] DiminutiveCoin [DIMI] HMQ1725 [POW/POS] [CPU/GPU MINING]

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[ANN] DiminutiveCoin [DIMI] HMQ1725 [POW/POS] [CPU/GPU MINING]

Post by dronnord » Fri Feb 12, 2021 3:39 pm



The Basics:

DiminutiveCoin (DIMI) means extraordinarily small or unusually small. It is a ‘rare’ cryptocurrency, designed with a low supply of just 200,000 coins in existence. Factors have been accounted for being of such a small value ever to be produced, such as reduction of coin transfer fees and implementation of a Proof Of Work (POW) & Proof Of Stake (POS) vaulting mechanism to produce block reward of 0.01 DIMI or 0.04 DIMI for POW, and 0.01 DIMI or 0.00001 DIMI for POS.

It is based on HMQ1725 algorithm providing the highest security levels by using 17 algorithms which are hashed 25 times. Nonetheless, it's easy to compute on low-to-medium powered computers, both CPU and GPU minable (POW phase will end in approximately 17 years).

Technical info

Coin Specification:

Coin Official name:______________DiminutiveCoin

Coin Ticker:_____________________DIMI

Coin Type:______________________POW/POS


Block Time:_____________________75 sec.

Drift Time:______________________10 min.

Address Starting Letters:________D / E

Default P2P Port:_______________49139

Default PRC Port:_______________49122

Minimum Stake confirms:_______75 blocks

Minimum Stake Age:____________2 Hours

Difficulty Retarget:______________750 sec.

Coinbase Mining Maturity:______75 blocks

Coinbase Wallet send Maturity:__10 blocks

Min. Tx Fee:_____________________0.0000025 DIMI

Premine:________________________5% (DUMPED by original developer)

Maximum Coin Supply:_________200000 DIMI

Coin Block Rewards:


Block # Even:______0.04 DIMI

Block # Odd: ______0.01 DIMI

Halving:___________Every 500000 blocks


Block # Even:______0.00001 DIMI

Block # Odd:_______0.01 DIMI

Halving:___________Every 1000000 blocks

As hard as it was to accept for the Support Team behind “DiminutiveCoin”, that its original developer decided to abandon his project, the community came to an agreement to stay true to it and carry on. As the former use case is no longer applicable to the current situation, the Support team is working on gathering the required information for future possibilities and uses.

Currently, DiminutiveCoin, like most cryptocurrencies, is used for:

1) Mining/HODL/Staking,

2) Speculative trading,

3) As a payment currency for real-world goods

DiminutiveCoin is listed on exchanges: FreiExchange - https:// freiexchange.com/market/DIMI/BTC
C-Patex - https:// c-patex.com/markets/dimibtc

Make sure to check out the links below:

DiminutiveCoin discord server: https:// discord.gg/DvD7CC48TD

Twitter account: https:// twitter.com/coin_dimi

Official website: https:// diminutivecoin.com/

Make sure to remove space after // in URL to view links.
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