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Spondoolies SPX36 ~540 GH/s Mining Contract - Mine any X11 Coin You Want

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 6:05 am
by x24646h3
This is a mining contract opportunity for the use of up to two simultaneous Spondoolies SPX36 X11 Miners. This miner is a complete power-house! We have these miners in our physical possession and operate them personally.

Please contact me at for a complete rate chart or for any questions you may have. Our rates are very reasonable. Your cost per hour goes down when you purchase larger blocks of time. We respond to messages very quickly.

So, here is how it works: once you make your purchase and we get started, you will receive several updates within the first two hours just to make sure you are comfortable with the mining. Thereafter, you will receive multiple updates throughout the 24-hour period.

We accept PayPal or payment in any major crypto-currency.

We will need a few things from you to get you started:

1. Your pool address. Examples:


There are tons of mining pools out there. You get to pick one!

2. Your pool user name. Examples:

johndoe.workername (if you want to add a worker name for granular statistics)

3. Your pool password. Sometimes passwords are not required. Often, the password is simply "x" (without the quotation marks).

Once we have your mining pool information, we will enter that information into one or both of our SPX36 miners and all coins mined are paid DIRECTLY TO YOU from the mining pool. We provide the work, you get all the profit!

The SPX36 miner will mine at a rate of 540 GH/s ±10%.

Once you make your purchase and we have received your mining pool information, we will agree on a start date and time. If your pool information is incorrect, we will let you know and will place your order on hold until we can get things figured out together.

We have two (2) SPX36 miners running simultaneously for mining contracts.

The SPX36 miner is a total beast! A brand new one will set you back ~$7,000 plus the shipping, taxes, import fees, etc. When you buy a mining contract, there are no expenses for electricity, overhead, etc!

This is a listing for a mining contract only. No hardware will be sold or shipped. If you experience a problem, let us know right away and we will work with you quickly to get the problem solved. We want you to be satisfied with your mining contract purchase.

Please, we invite your questions! And, we respond VERY quickly.

Here is a listing of all of the X11 coins you can mine:

PinkCoin PINK
Transfercoin TX
BitSend BSD
AdzCoin ADZ
BlueCoin BLU
Achilles ACH
Badgercoin BDG
BankCoin BANK
Bantam BNT
BitcoinTX BTX
BolivarCoin BOLI
Brigadecoin BRIG
CannabisCoin CANN
Capricoin CPC
CereiPayCoin CRPC
Checkcoin CKC
ChipCoin CHIP
Conspiracycoin CYC
CryptCoin CRYPT
DarkCash DRKC
DigitalPrice DP
ESportsCoin ESC
EuropeCoin ERC
Fractalcoin FRAC
Givecoin GIVE
GlobalDenomination GDN
GlyphCoin GLYPH
GoldReserve XGR
GraniteCoin GRN
Hashcoin HASH
HighFiveCoin H5C
Hirocoin HIRO
HyperStake HYP
Influxcoin INFX
JuggaloCoin JUG
KarmaCoin KARM
LeagueCoin LOL
Levocoin LEVO
Libertycoin XLB
LibrexCoin LXC
LightCoin LIT
LimeCoinX LIMX
LinkedCoin LKC
LiteCoinX LTCX
Logicoin LGC
MantisCoin MNS
MastiffCoin MAST
Millionaire MIL
Mineralscoin MIN
MultiWalletCoin MWC
Muniti MUN
Piggycoin PIGGY
Prime-XI PXI
Pyramids PYRA
Quebecoin QBC
QuidCoin QUID
RateCoin XRA
SecretCoin SCRT
ShellCoin SHELL
SiameseCoin SIS
SignatureCoin SIGN
SkyNetCoin SNET
SmartCoin SMC
StartCoin START
SuperCoin SUPER
Ticketcoin TKT
TwilightCoin TWC
UniverseCoin UNVC
Urocoin URO
VirtualCoin VC
WildWestCoin WEST
X-Children CHILD
XCurrency XC
XuroCoin XURO

Re: Spondoolies SPX36 ~540 GH/s Mining Contract - Mine any X11 Coin You Want

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 11:55 am
by x24646h3
Here is some proof that I am the actual owner of these two SPX35 miners.

I took this photo just a few minutes ago.

Here is a link to the photo: ... 8.jpg?dl=0

For the record, I am lovin' the skepticism. It keeps everyone honest!

Re: Spondoolies SPX36 ~540 GH/s Mining Contract - Mine any X11 Coin You Want

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 4:00 pm
by x24646h3
Lower pricing announcement. Getting started rate of $28.99 per 24 hour period.