HitBTC refusing to withdrawal $67,000; readers advised to safeguard their HitBTC assets

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Steve Sokolowski
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Re: HitBTC refusing to withdrawal $67,000; readers advised to safeguard their HitBTC assets

Post by Steve Sokolowski » Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:14 pm

I'm pleased to announce that Chris was successfully able to withdrawal all of the money from HitBTC.

Unfortunately, I can't state that everything is entirely in the clear because I fear the only reason that our issue was addressed so quickly was because of the publicity I was ramping up throughout the day. Additionally, the reason that HitBTC provided for holding the money didn't make any sense. They said that they don't provide services to US customers.

But we had been their customer for a long time, and we provided documentation of our nationality to them long ago. The five Digibyte transactions that they asked for confirmation of obviously are not related to nationality, so why did they ask about them? And why was there no public announcement and why did it take 9 days to come to this answer? The "we don't serve US customers" response doesn't make sense.

We are still concerned about two "locked wallets" that appear to be disabled for all customers, but these wallets only contain about $1,000. I hope that these wallets are unlocked in the normal course of HitBTC's business.

In the end, we got the money back, and we had not planned to use HitBTC again anyway after this negative experience, so their cancellation of the account doesn't affect us. We thank them for their prompt attention to the matter, but still hold concerns about the stated reason for their decision.
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