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Welcome to the Prohashing Blog

Post by Chris Sokolowski » Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:13 am

Welcome everyone to the new Prohashing blog!

In this blog Steve and I will discuss developments in the world of altcoins, challenges in developing the pool, and sometimes even outlooks on life. Unlike the Bitcoin Throughts blog and the Development forum, we won't always be focusing on cryptocurrencies or upcoming features of the pool, just interesting topics that we came across whether or not they deal with cryptocurrencies.

As part of the introduction of the blog, I have added new "like" and "+1" buttons to the entire forum. If you like a blog post or any other topic in the forum, let others know about it by using the like buttons!

Our first blog post will come tomorrow, and you can expect new posts every few days.

Welcome again to the blog, and I hope you enjoy the posts.
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