Litecoin in enormous cup-and-handle formation

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Re: Litecoin in enormous cup-and-handle formation

Postby GenTarkin » Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:59 am

GregoryGHarding wrote:
GenTarkin wrote:
GregoryGHarding wrote:Anchor coins vs. Altcoins - viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1472

Yeah, thats based off of one guys "perception" or "proposed new definition" of the meaning of "altcoin" ... Im guessing the pool OP's havent been involved in crypto long either.
The term "altcoin" was born when "namecoin" was created. To this day, the term "altcoin" literally means exactly what I previously stated it means, no more, no less.

so, when bitcoin dies, are there still only altcoins? open your mind.

edit: by die i mean become the non dominant coin

Technically even then, anything but Bitcoin is an altcoin, at least by the original definition of altcoin.
Furthermore your point invalidates ur whole definition of altcoin, afterall ... what happens if peercoin became the "primary coin" ... its still mined using the same algo as btc...

I think that if bitcoin ever became obselete and something else replaced it ... perhaps then, the majority would adapt a new meaning of "altcoin" but until then .. "altcoin" strictly means any cryptocurrency that came after Bitcoin.

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