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@ davidsin « Mon 1:57 pm »
wow, new bonus is 7%. thanks Steve
@ djliss « Mon 11:39 am »
citronick wrote: For NVIDIA GPUS use ccminer-alexis78-v1.5.3-cuda8 -a lyra2rev2 -o stratum+tcp://prohashing.com:3337 -u <putyourusernamehere> -p a=lyra2rev2 -i 20
you dont need te a= switch when using also specific port, and the -i is usually between 0 and 6 but i wouldn’t even specify intensity
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 11:22 am »
@ citronick « Mon 11:16 am »
For AMD cards -- try sgminer 5.5.5 or higher (SMOS)
@ citronick « Mon 11:15 am »
For NVIDIA GPUS use ccminer-alexis78-v1.5.3-cuda8 -a lyra2rev2 -o stratum+tcp://prohashing.com:3337 -u <putyourusernamehere> -p a=lyra2rev2 -i 20
@ dragonbyte_llc « Mon 10:32 am »
@ dragonbyte_llc « Mon 10:29 am »
Can’t seem to get ccminer to work
@ dragonbyte_llc « Mon 10:29 am »
Looking for advice on mining lyra2rev2 with both nVidia and AMD.
@ citronick « Mon 10:20 am »
* AMD lyrra2rev2
@ citronick « Mon 10:19 am »
AMD cp miner seems to work with tdxminer in SMOS.... but needs stratum+tcp prefix to prohashing pool... in my testing tdxminer is not sending hash although accepting jobs
@ radas68 « Mon 9:07 am »
has started a new topic: Payout ?
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 9:07 am »
PolakCrypto wrote: doesnt nice hash have a minimum amount to rent like $40?
This is one of the big issues with NiceHash’s model - you lose a lot of money in things like minimum purchase amounts, minimum withdrawals, withdrawal fees, and the like, so make sure you know how much these things add up to before you send money over
@ Steve Sokolowski « Mon 9:05 am »
killik80 wrote: which miner should I use to mine lyra2rev2 with 8 and rx470?it is mining, but not accepting or rejecting any shares.I,m using smos
I don’t know what the best miner is for AMD cards - but if you’re not getting any shares accepted, try using port 3337 instead of "a=lyra2rev2"
@ killik80 « Mon 6:29 am »
which miner should I use to mine lyra2rev2 with 8 and rx470?it is mining, but not accepting or rejecting any shares.I,m using smos
@ miningfarm10 « Mon 4:10 am »
I haw Z9mini for sell accept PAYPAL
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:56 pm »
well, if you pay for items on ebay and not go through their policy of payment options, then you are open to whatever you get.
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:55 pm »
so someone falls for it
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:55 pm »
and its a really good deal price on it
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:55 pm »
no thats the ebay scams for selling z9 asics, Not taking paypal send me x amount of BTC to this address as payment
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:55 pm »
or delete my email, take your money, and run....one of those 2 options.
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:54 pm »
send me 1 bitcoin and ill point all my asic hashing power to the pool of your choise for 2 days.
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:54 pm »
not doug and bob's crypto rentals.
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:53 pm »
yeah before I would pay and not know if I got something for the value or not, Id need to go with some sort of established company
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:51 pm »
u dont give em any mining pool details, u just send em a wallet address
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:51 pm »
nah the scam fake rentals catching noobs is you pay for a "rental" then they send you 10% if your lucky 20% of what you paid in Fiat in crypto
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:50 pm »
not sure their minimuns, never bought only ever sold hashing on there
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:49 pm »
dont think id spend 1 coin just to earn another, semms like if there was that big a difference you could just exchange 1 for the other and be further ahead.
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:48 pm »
most prefer to pay in scrypto, saves them having to convert it on an exchange or be charged capital gains on taxes.
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:48 pm »
doesnt nice hash have a minimum amount to rent like $40?
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:47 pm »
ehh paid double that rate but didnt have to pay in crypto :-)
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:47 pm »
as long as the S9 you rented was around 3.25 for 24-hours then its fine, if you paid 2X that you got screwed.
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:47 pm »
is S9 does 13 TH then this would be 10 of those for 24-hours...or 3.25 for a S9 miner for 24 hours.
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:46 pm »
so 130 TH for 24 hours for 32 bucks.
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:45 pm »
0.13 PH/s for 24 hours starting at 0.0050 BTC (32.44 USD)
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:44 pm »
compared prices at a few rental places
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:44 pm »
not sure, but if I could have saved half I think i would have shopped around first
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:43 pm »
idk whats going rate for a S9 24hr on nicehash?
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:43 pm »
you got better pricing than if you rented from nicehash?
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:42 pm »
as long as you found one to rent or he fixed it so it worked for you.
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:42 pm »
idk i told him everything initially correct even with n=workername, i guess he assumed since im "renting" i have no experience so he put it in...
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:41 pm »
but yeah, if using 3333 port then need a=sha-256 is using the sha port then shouldnt need anything for a password
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:40 pm »
ahh, ok got people mixed up, sorry
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:40 pm »
that was shermy not me
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:39 pm »
or what algo were they working on before and at what speed?
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:39 pm »
you said you moved 900MH over here, how many machines and what types?
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:36 pm »
has to be if it was rejecting like that, he learned something today considering bonus time for me LOL
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:35 pm »
idk but thats what the guy said he did, without hyphon and was rejecting shares, but he was on port specific 3335 for sha, so it must be sensitive
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:35 pm »
never hurts to ask them.
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:35 pm »
wouldn't be very hard for them to put in and may help others down the road connect easier.
@ CSZiggy « Sun 11:34 pm »
I do think that is correct, either use port specific or have to use a=sha-256 with the hyphen. BUT, if you ask nice or put in a ticket, maybe they will make A=sha256 and A=sha-256 both work so in case you forget the hyphen it still works.
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:23 pm »
@steve sokolowski is the a=sha-256 spelling sensitive as in if you do a=sha256 without the hyphon itll reject shares
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:21 pm »
he said he was using port 3335 for SHA-256 as i instructed but adding a=SHA256 as well, but that wasnt working...probably mis-typed it
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 11:00 pm »
looks like guy finally got that s9 rental up for me after I copied/pasted him config info
@ sherm77 « Sun 10:57 pm »
Yeah, it was 2gh/s when I sent that 20 min ago, lots of new hash. Looks good!
@ CSZiggy « Sun 10:56 pm »
well there was over 270GH on Lyra a bit ago, someone must have been doing a test to see.
@ sherm77 « Sun 10:38 pm »
I just brought over ~900mh/s (about an hour ago) of Lyra2rev2 hash, I’m hoping that it will be a good move. Thanks Steve & team!
@ CSZiggy « Sun 10:32 pm »
if on an asic its only what it can work on, but a video card should be able to work on any one of the 5, question is, which pays out the most, $ / hash? which algo?
@ CSZiggy « Sun 10:31 pm »
so if you have a Nvidia 1080, do you get more sol/s X .108 cents or do you get more running Lyra2REv2 and getting megs/s X 1.414 cents?
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 5:05 pm »
just got another rental and it fired off without a hitch, so idk would the country/foreign have anything to do with it
@ PolakCrypto « Sun 4:04 pm »
i thought the a= flag was from sometime ago when it seemed they only had one port to connect on or something and you had to signify a=algo

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