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@ mjl13 « Sat 10:22 pm »
@Aura89 there is no chance they will hard fork it
@ mjl13 « Sat 10:21 pm »
Is it possible to export our earnings to a CSV of excel file?
@ Aura89 « Sat 8:02 pm »
@ Aura89 « Sat 8:02 pm »
If they hardfork it doesn’t invalidate that Obelisk SC1, only the A3
@ holygoof « Sat 6:53 pm »
In any event, always liked Sia, still do, and hope it goes to 10 cents or more again, i mined 27k with my gpus these ladt 4 months :)
@ holygoof « Sat 6:52 pm »
Whole problem has been this 8-10 month waiting for the miners, bitmain is not the only one with blake2b algo, baikal b can do it too, but only 80 GH
@ holygoof « Sat 6:51 pm »
And vorick wrote a super long blog about Asics being good for cryptos, hard for him to back out now, tho they can softfork it
@ holygoof « Sat 6:49 pm »
Luxor takes 10% however, to give to back to the Devs
@ holygoof « Sat 6:49 pm »
I started with siacoin as well, used siamining.com
@ Aura89 « Sat 5:09 pm »
@ AppleMiner « Sat 5:08 pm »
seems like it would do well, since it owuld have a algo with hashrate sitting there waiting for it
@ Aura89 « Sat 5:05 pm »
even if siacoin softforks i’m sure someone else will make a coin on blake2b
@ AppleMiner « Sat 5:03 pm »
@ Aura89 « Sat 5:03 pm »
bitmain is having problems with their siacoin pool apparently
@ Aura89 « Sat 5:03 pm »
@ AppleMiner « Sat 5:03 pm »
if all 3 pools go offline for 5 days or not.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 5:02 pm »
because thats whats gonna make the difference
@ AppleMiner « Sat 5:02 pm »
but i want to be setup on all of them and be ready for solo when they all 3 crash
@ AppleMiner « Sat 5:02 pm »
im setup for siamining
@ Aura89 « Sat 5:01 pm »
i think i used siamining
@ Aura89 « Sat 5:01 pm »
that’s what they say, but realistically, no clue
@ AppleMiner « Sat 5:01 pm »
so half show up...they can take 10K new miners?
@ Aura89 « Sat 5:00 pm »
luxor says they will, but, who knows
@ Aura89 « Sat 5:00 pm »
@ Aura89 « Sat 5:00 pm »
i mined it awhile ago with GPUs, before i ever got my L3+, was my first coin i mined
@ AppleMiner « Sat 5:00 pm »
because there are all of 3 pools, and I really dont see any of them having bandwidth for more than 2 or 3 miners
@ AppleMiner « Sat 4:59 pm »
i need to go setup a wallet and be ready to go solo mining on it.
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:58 pm »
but, who knows if bitmain will sell more, the coin my skyrocket in value too
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:58 pm »
A3 supposedly sold 20K units, if prices stay the same should take you 48 days to ROI, which theoretically, should be before any soft fork, if they do it.
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:57 pm »
i have an Obelisk, just not a siacoin one
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:57 pm »
@ AppleMiner « Sat 4:57 pm »
if you dont have it, dont invest/risk/gamble it
@ AppleMiner « Sat 4:57 pm »
hence the risk and gamble factor, same as on any crypto.
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:56 pm »
@ AppleMiner « Sat 4:55 pm »
not really worried about..in a few months, this is hopefully grab it, mine 20 days get roi, and then not care
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:55 pm »
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:55 pm »
Obelisk and Siacoin are the same company
@ AppleMiner « Sat 4:55 pm »
but they were ok with obelisk machines and those preorders?
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:54 pm »
only one*
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:53 pm »
one one Blake2B coin, Siacoin, and they may softfork and change they algorithm to make sure bitmain is not on their algo. Siacoin developers and most of their users are very much not happy with bitmain right now.
@ Aura89 « Sat 4:51 pm »
@AppleMiner :  You may not even be able to mine with it in a few months
@ AppleMiner « Sat 4:44 pm »
I see it being another D3 turd.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 4:44 pm »
i think 1 is risky enough for now.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 4:43 pm »
no they only let me get 1 per account/address, and for all the hassle, the fact it can only mine 1 coin, the network may disappear before the machines come out, and the wallets last I checked still arent working.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 4:43 pm »
7 of them now.
@ FastCashMining « Sat 4:26 pm »
Apple did you get another a3?
@ FastCashMining « Sat 4:12 pm »
CEntral technically.
@ FastCashMining « Sat 4:12 pm »
Sorry. I was in a game. I am East coast
@ brody182 « Sat 4:11 pm »
has started a new topic: cgminer not connecting to server
@ travelinmusic « Sat 4:07 pm »
Anyone tried running just 1 power plug to a bad card to see if at least 1/2 the card will work?
@ travelinmusic « Sat 3:54 pm »
I get free hotel rooms at the local casino tower here so it could be stylin... me and the money bots get along real well :lol: I can hang in the miner room for a few hours configuring and then go to the casino and have a 6th sense with the slots (to be tested further)
@ travelinmusic « Sat 3:49 pm »
I would be willing to host a crypto PH meetup on the west coast in winter or east coast during summer.
@ travelinmusic « Sat 3:47 pm »
FastCashMining wrote: I just finished building a GPU rig
Are you west coat or East coast or non US? PM if you are interested in creating new coins.
@ travelinmusic « Sat 3:44 pm »
AppleMiner wrote: same reason coins with only novaexchange were removed after nova went offline and no other exchanges had those coins for sale.
I get all that, this is just the very seed of an idea, if there is an interested dev and to be fully thought out.
@ travelinmusic « Sat 3:43 pm »
or Chris rather.
@ travelinmusic « Sat 3:42 pm »
Both tickets are waiting for support. You misread I think. It said all have been read but 22 are awaiting Steve to investigate.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 3:32 pm »
go nacos, go globalcoin, go nacos, go globalcoin
@ AppleMiner « Sat 3:31 pm »
@travelinmusic :  did your tickets you had in get updates? Steve's post said all the tickets in the system were now waiting for a reply from the users, were your two tickets in there also?
@ AppleMiner « Sat 3:29 pm »
same reason coins with only novaexchange were removed after nova went offline and no other exchanges had those coins for sale.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 3:29 pm »
travelinmusic wrote: Anyone interested and have ability to create new coin?/wallets etc? I have a few good ideas if there is a partner dev out there and PH would agree to mine them for a while given that an exchange would pick them up as well.
if they aren't already up on an exchange to have a profit price so the pool knows what to payout to the miners, not sure it could be added.

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