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@ subseaguru « Sun 10:45 pm »
what are the stars next to the coin name in the coin status?
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sun 3:27 pm »
has started a new topic: Ticket priorities
@ oppresseddude « Sun 4:04 am »
All because I submitted a support ticket..... heehee
@ oppresseddude « Sun 4:02 am »
Hey Stevie, kudos on the e=off password argument for my antminer. My Z9 holding out at 99.72% accept ratio. Good work my friend... :D
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sat 10:57 pm »
there is no effect on earnings; there are sometimes just delays in share insertion in those cases
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sat 10:57 pm »
PolakCrypto wrote: now it says 11 minutes ago LOL..wtf
Sometimes a share inserter crashes due to a memory leak we haven’t been able to resolve, which requires the shares to be retired by another share inserter later
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sat 10:56 pm »
has started a new topic: Coinbase payouts delayed
@ PolakCrypto « Sat 10:38 pm »
now it says 11 minutes ago LOL..wtf
@ PolakCrypto « Sat 10:37 pm »
or itll update then go back to 17/18 minutes ago
@ PolakCrypto « Sat 10:37 pm »
im mining and submitting shares, balance hasnt shown full earnings and says 17 minutes ago
@ sirslayerjr « Sat 10:15 pm »
its been 20 min and still @ 500mhash and no pps earnings for over 20 mins!!
@ sirslayerjr « Sat 10:12 pm »
is there an issue with neosrypt mining??? im @ 500 mhash and got piad 15 mins ago and still at 500??
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sat 4:18 pm »
cloaker wrote: just look at the front page/charts/pool hash rate/scrypt.........when it goes down it is a direct reflection of the state of things..when we are saying shit has gone south you can see it there
I’m not sure what you’re referring to; the system went offline due to a restart in the morning that was planned, and that’s why the charts reflect that
@ hobospices « Sat 3:19 pm »
@cloaker why do you have to be so belligerent? Why dont you just move on? What they do here isnt easy thats why no one else does it
@ aib « Sat 3:18 pm »
@Steve Sokolowski Could you still let AIB on your pro-hashing platform, so we could also promote people to mine on yours?
@ hobospices « Sat 3:16 pm »
Anyone manage to connect an e3 yet?
@ cloaker « Sat 3:15 pm »
submit a ticket my ass...tell me why we should stay- get your stuff together
@ cloaker « Sat 3:15 pm »
if i can they can they just tend to be full of shit from time to time here
@ cloaker « Sat 3:14 pm »
just look at the front page/charts/pool hash rate/scrypt.........when it goes down it is a direct reflection of the state of things..when we are saying shit has gone south you can see it there
@ CSZiggy « Sat 2:12 pm »
@cloaker :  Can’t see the tinypic you posted. could you make a forum thread and include the pic there. would like to see what you are going on about.
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sat 6:44 am »
has started a new topic: E3 miners now supported
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sat 6:41 am »
other than that, there are still no known issues - and again, I would ask that you submit a support ticket so we can help you with whatever else is going on
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sat 6:40 am »
the system was restarted for 2 minutes to enable support for ethash e3 miners
@ cloaker « Sat 6:04 am »
2 cents
@ cloaker « Sat 6:04 am »
when people start seeing any gains here are quickly nullified with constant , site wide ,far reaching issues the doors you use to leave will quickly begin to close....mining is not glorious enough for constant hyassel ans you have damn near started making talking points to support this. the condescension is beneath you
@ cloaker « Sat 6:00 am »
or possibly you feel we are inferior and cannot interpret data on on both sides...well we certainly don’t leave it soley to you
@ cloaker « Sat 5:58 am »
http://i68.tinypic.com/6hkf9i.jpg - YOUR ISSUE CONSTANTLY
@ cloaker « Sat 5:58 am »
you submit a ticket
@ cloaker « Sat 5:58 am »
zand yea we got other options and you’ll other miners- doesnt fix the situation for crap tho and i can tell you patience is running thin for many so keep pushing it
@ cloaker « Sat 5:56 am »
save theat ticket shit for someone has the patience to be dicked around we are losing money weekly here
@ cloaker « Sat 5:55 am »
oh no we are past that support ticket Bs- don’t insult me - your pool had issues- they were not local to us they wetre on your side and this proves it
@ greenhorn0815 « Fri 11:00 pm »
k tx
@ Steve Sokolowski « Fri 10:20 pm »
greenhorn0815 wrote: BTC payout still stuck, any word on that?
Feel free to submit a support ticket and Chris will be glad to assist you
@ greenhorn0815 « Fri 8:18 pm »
BTC payout still stuck, any word on that?
@ Tweety14590 « Fri 5:40 pm »
No power hashrate shown in my earning area and my order in nice hash said pool terminated... Please help me??
@ Tweety14590 « Fri 5:37 pm »
Is quark alogarithm is stopped??
@ Tweety14590 « Fri 5:36 pm »
@ holygoof « Fri 3:36 pm »
Ive found 2 equihash blocks today, a votecoin, and. A komodocoin, at 930am and 1230pm
@ Steve Sokolowski « Fri 2:09 pm »
cloaker wrote: scrypt errors / server errors in progress
We’re not aware of any widespread issues; feel free to submit a support ticket if you have a question about your specific miners
@ suykast « Fri 1:11 pm »
neoscrypt doesnt connect at all, neither via proxy
@ suykast « Fri 1:11 pm »
scrypt has alot of reject, yes its still mining but with problems, moved the miners to litecoinpool until tomorrow
@ cloaker « Fri 12:53 pm »
we authorize the site to go ahead and waive fee’s today, thnx
@ cloaker « Fri 12:51 pm »
or i suppose its possible that scrypt is only being displayed but rather doubtful, issues galore today
@ cloaker « Fri 12:50 pm »
finally it should be noted ’only’ scrypt ’ blocks are being found
@ cloaker « Fri 12:49 pm »
since the pool hash rate [ main page- charts ] reflects the issues as well they can move into troubleshooting
@ cloaker « Fri 12:44 pm »
hash rate high RE: sha-256.. = back to normal now , scrypt is the issue now
@ cloaker « Fri 12:44 pm »
they are playing with settings cuz the hash rate was abnormally high over the last 18 hrs and now scrypt is in the shitter.....you can always tell
@ cloaker « Fri 12:43 pm »
this is my assertion, i have yet to see the site cop to anything
@ cloaker « Fri 12:42 pm »
from a steady 99% efficiency rating to 80%.....hashrate according to site is down 20% but my miners are perfect on this side
@ greenhorn0815 « Fri 12:41 pm »
@ cloaker « Fri 12:41 pm »
scrypt errors / server errors in progress
@ greenhorn0815 « Fri 12:31 pm »
BTC payouts stuck?
@ CSZiggy « Fri 12:07 pm »
and with almost every coin finding stales all over the system, seems like the pool has bigger issues to address today.
@ CSZiggy « Fri 12:06 pm »
I think they looked into Blake2B before but not enough coins to switch to make a profit on. Would anyone move from 3 percent pool fees to here for 5% fees with the same profit? why?
@ zafar177 « Fri 9:53 am »
@steve sokolowski have you considered adding Blake 2 and decred ASICS?
@ CSZiggy « Fri 12:09 am »
Rexmint wrote: Can I solo mine a coin (not btc) and get paid in btc when I find a block? Ex; c=coin,m=solo but set payout to 100% btc?
NO. solo mining is paid out in the coin you were solo mining.
@ Rexmint « Thu 10:33 pm »
Going to create 2 more accounts to test rig configs vs each other; if not allowed just let me know
@ Rexmint « Thu 10:32 pm »
Steve is okay to have multi accounts? Reason I want is; diff Lagos, testing rigs <- mainly this. Feature request; time worker online last 24h, worker went offline last at, just more access to info on your workers as rigs go down

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