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@ minerg « Sat 11:56 am »
Is the website down?
@ reseller « Sat 11:56 am »
has started a new topic: Antminer S9 Pre order 11 jan
@ bochom « Sat 11:52 am »
ltc payment delay
@ minerg « Sat 11:50 am »
I can’t find my payout either, I noticed that my litecoin address was different too? Anybody else have same problem?
@ mycide « Sat 11:36 am »
My litecoin payout is not coming through
@ nemesis-t-warlock « Sat 11:16 am »
I’m seeing the same with a Litecoin payout
@ pavvappav « Sat 11:01 am »
Payout problems this morning? I'm seeing a payout with no txid.
@ Steve Sokolowski « Sat 8:57 am »
has started a new topic: Reminder: release today
@ Ewil « Sat 7:02 am »
@AppleMiner :  was it you who mentioned f2pool? I’m trying to set that up as a backup for my D3, but it keeps saying "DEAD" for the link no matter how I set it up.
@ specialvipnet « Sat 6:17 am »
Do you have any prohashing memberships that you do not use?
@ specialvipnet « Sat 6:13 am »
has started a new topic: When will membership be opened?
@ Balanced « Sat 3:07 am »
autopool will mine forever without losing connection
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:25 am »
and more daily payouts = less coins = less net profits.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:24 am »
sometimes less money = more coins = high profits
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:24 am »
And again, @Balanced :  more money is not always....more money.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:23 am »
so if you mine in the autopool do you stay connected or still booted after 5 mins?
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:23 am »
plus...the whole not getting kicked.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:23 am »
not static mining a lower value coin
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:23 am »
well then more money is autoo pool mining
@ Balanced « Sat 2:22 am »
eh not really, more $ is more $
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:22 am »
value is in the eye of the beholder.
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:22 am »
guess its all in how you determine MORE PROFITABLE.
@ Balanced « Sat 2:20 am »
sometimes its more profitable some days
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:20 am »
unless you are solo mining a coin, or have older hardware that takes a long time to swap coins, using a c=static coin setting really only hurts your profits.
@ Balanced « Sat 2:20 am »
well i like the multipool option but I like to mine single coins every once in a while
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:20 am »
you could mine all the coins and pick which one you want paid out in
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:19 am »
i am not sure why you want to mine just cannibiscoins
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:19 am »
you may get kicked if the pool decides it needs to point the hashing power of the pool to a coin you are on and not solo mining
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:19 am »
but if you arent solo mining
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:18 am »
try with just a=x11 n=fudge c=cannabiscoin
@ Balanced « Sat 2:17 am »
ive attempted using manual difficulty settings to no avail
@ Balanced « Sat 2:17 am »
a=x11 n=fudge w=1000 p=0.10 c=CannabisCoin
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:16 am »
paste one in
@ Balanced « Sat 2:16 am »
tried about 5 different ones over last week
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:16 am »
what password
@ Balanced « Sat 2:15 am »
It happens with every coin i’ve tried
@ AppleMiner « Sat 2:15 am »
is the coin you are trying to mine going offline?
@ Balanced « Sat 2:06 am »
I started mining on here a week ago and it’s always done it
@ Camey « Sat 2:05 am »
Balanced wrote: can someone help me figure out why using c=<some coin> doesn’t stay connected for over 5 minutes?
Had the same issue for the past couple of days. Given up on solo mining on PH...
@ Balanced « Sat 2:05 am »
i’m using a D3 miner
@ Balanced « Sat 2:03 am »
can someone help me figure out why using c=<some coin> doesn’t stay connected for over 5 minutes?
@ AppleMiner « Sat 12:24 am »
i expect another downturn into december then a spike for end of the year, beyond that, not sure
@ Minermoe « Sat 12:11 am »
I know that it happened earlier, but many people are not that knowledage with how it works. They hope for the best. I agree with you. I wonder if the alt coins will continue to rise in value or people start dumping their alt coins
@ confusedjtag « Fri 11:46 pm »
Thank you chris and steve god bless you guys again wonderful day today cheers
@ AppleMiner « Fri 9:35 pm »
so @Minermoe :  I do not think people are still buying coins for a fork that already happened.
@ AppleMiner « Fri 9:34 pm »
and then some 95 nodes moved to the segwit 2X and havent gotten any blocks or work in 7 hours as they are runing the wrong versions of the software that cant do what the purpose was...run 2MB size blocks.
@ AppleMiner « Fri 9:34 pm »
2nd the blockchain failed to update correctly, so the 1MB blocksize stayed at 1MB instead of doubling to 2MB so the whole code for segwit 2X was buggy and didnt work
@ AppleMiner « Fri 9:33 pm »
so if people are still buying into BTC for the fork, they missed it by a bit already
@ AppleMiner « Fri 9:33 pm »
well, i think a< it happned 7 hours ago
@ Minermoe « Fri 9:29 pm »
Well I believe everyone is trying to buy bitcoin and transfer it from their exchange wallets (if they trade, most do) to a private wallet so they can get the coins. I think a lot of money in the billions, from altcoins will be sold to purchase bitcoin. I think it has a ripple edefect, however right now everything is doing oppposite if what I’m saying.. I think it’s the eye before the storm. The prices won’t crash to zero, but significantly prices will go down, once people start selling their altcoins to buy Bitcoin. Don’t you think this is true Apple? You trade so I think you understand the basics of how that would work
@ AppleMiner « Fri 9:18 pm »
or will even be supported
@ AppleMiner « Fri 9:18 pm »
you assume segwit 2X is taking over
@ Minermoe « Fri 8:30 pm »
Do you think Bitcoin Cash will crash in price once segwit2x takes over for the next week?
@ Minermoe « Fri 8:29 pm »
Hello everyone.
@ mck « Fri 4:43 pm »
BTC treshold used to be $250 in the past months and recently it was increased to $500
@ Aura89 « Fri 4:39 pm »
That is not an error, that is due to bitcoins high fees. You can pay the fees yourself rather then prohashing paying the fees for you by lowering them if you want to be paid faster.
@ CryptoTiger « Fri 3:19 pm »
is the payout threshold correct for BTC? at 0.06 would be $450-$500 before being transferred. is that an error??
@ CryptoTiger « Fri 1:52 pm »
would it be possible to add XRP, QTUM, and Waves to the payout options??
@ zafar177 « Fri 11:43 am »
So far I spotted 2 payments with missing ID transactions, is there some way the system can find these automatically?
@ confusedjtag « Fri 11:14 am »
steve is saying if you have dash miner you = screwed by the big boy bitmain well they laugh at you

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